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To have a threesome with a girl and her mother. Usually done in a pool while being recorded with a video camera.
I went to her house this weekend and macheted her and her mom.
by rustyspikeshackleford March 20, 2011
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This can only be done when your girlfriend is a babysitter. While she is at work, you go visit her and have sex in the homeowners bed. It is best pulled off when the man of the house walks in the room as you are putting on your shoes.
Friend 1- "Tyler was having sex with his girlfriend yesterday and pops almost caught them."

Friend 2-"At what point did he catch them?"

Friend 1-"Well they were done and he was just putting on his shoes.

Friend 2"Oh! Its all good. They were just going over French.
by Rustyspikeshackleford July 26, 2012
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A type of female orgasm. Not just an normal orgasm though. If you think of a normal orgasm as a rainy day, A Hurricane Kahtrina is comparable to the Hurricane Katrina that hit the gulf coast in 2005. Extremely powerful.
Baby, when we get together, it will be a Hurricane Kahtrina.

Have your towels ready. Your fixing to go through Hurricane Kahtrina.
by Rustyspikeshackleford July 01, 2012
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