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1. Another term for doing a fart

2. An expansion on the definition of a mythical noise that induces instantaneous bowel evacuation
Sniff, sniff.... "Did you just play a brown note? Oh yuck"


What are you doing honey?

Aww nothin....Playing a brown note
by ruby_wednesday April 19, 2010

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F.IF = Fart Induced Fit. The mad flailing of arms and nose pinching that happens as soon as a fart is smelt by the person unfortunate enough to be in the room when somebody else farts.
Hey man I did the best fart the other day but my girlfriend had a total F.I.F.

or, on seeing someone's reaction to your fart you can say
"Don't F.I.F out on me now!"
by ruby_wednesday April 09, 2010

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An internet user not defined or confined by their location.
That person has so many different language videos on their YouTube channels. Such a net jetsetter.
by ruby_wednesday May 09, 2015

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