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Born on April 12, 1912, Brian T. Rusty Lulz entered the world with a heroic birth, surpassed only by the birth of Hercules and Theodore Roosevelt. Known primarily as Brain Trust after demonstrating an advanced knowledge of String Theory and Multiverses in kindergarten, he led an exemplary life of goodness and virtue, performing such courageous acts as taming Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf, making Grumpy Cat smile, teaching the Most Interesting Man in the World all he knows, and launching Nyan Cat into space. Upon his death on October 28, 1962, a death he freely accepted, he took bread and gave us thanks, ultimately sacrificing himself to end the Cuban Missile Crisis. To name a couple of his postmortem miracles, which allowed him to enter into sainthood, he inspired Barney Stinson's True Story and he alone knows what Mr. Bean means. Upon the celebration of the first St. Lulz Day on April 12, 2012, on his 100th birthday, his name was simply shortened to St. Lulz.
The group remembered St. Lulz by posting meme's all day of people 'doing it for the lulz'.

Everyone should honor St. Lulz with a jolly smile, a kind heart, and to always remember, do it for the lulz!
by rorybreaker April 16, 2013
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