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The worst US president of ALL time. He supposedly was visited by the Arch Angel Gabrielle in a vison where he was told it was his god given mission to spread peace and democracy throughout the Middle East by launching a full-scale invasion of Iraq.Others say it is a mild case of downs syndrome of which he suffers while others yet say he is the antichrist.This man mislead the UN into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass distruction and that Iraq was working with Al-Qaida although it was well known that Iraqs military never recovered from the ass wuppn it got in the first desert storm and that iraq and Al-Qaida have as much to do with each other as Pepsi and Coca-Cola. George W Bush succeeded like no other president before him in destroying the reputation of the USofA and while raping the country for what it was worth he and his cronies where given all the best civilain contracts with which the became rich and enjoy an early retirement today.One would almost think this whole thing was planned from the start.A true Texas simpelton,this man was lucky to leave office when he did,the actions and decisions he made where the foundations of the economic crisis which came soon after he left office and he is the reason why today there ARE terror groups in Iraq. Thanks George,great job!
Reporter asks Mafia boss who his role models where....The Bush cabinet.

Local Mullah in Afghanistan: Why cant i threaten my neighbors with war and violence when they dont share my beliefs? Bush did....why cant i give my cronies the best jobs and the top government positions even if they are completely unqualified? George w Bush did!
by ronnie3091 February 11, 2010

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This is a common name among the "redneck" tribes of the south eastern United States.These tribes generaly live in a type of Teepee or cabin type home called a trailor park. Little is known of of these people who tend to keep to themselves,even to the point of bringing a whole new meaning to "it stays in the family" The are a hunter type peoples where often the men will dress in the bright orange war clothes and might be gone on the hunt while the woman generally are at home,either drinking,taking crystal meth,or drinking AND taking crystal meth.Blake is a popular name for males and and quite common because of the lack of creativity among these peoples.they know little of the world outside the of the local trailer park where the government is thinking of allowing them to live on a type of reservoir,much like the indians of old,where they may drink cheap beer and gamble in peace.
Blake,get your ass over here and help me gut this dear that grandma just shot!!

Blake,where did you put the damned bullets to my M60? i cant findem! i even dug up the ammuntions we burried out back yonder the house and nun r therre.
by ronnie3091 February 04, 2010

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Kennie is the name for the inner ring of muscles surrounding the anus. The word is thought to have originated sometime during the middle ages. "anus kennium"is the scientificit but the street word,kennie, was again made popular by homosexual skinheads of eastern germany before the wall fell.
damn,that horse must have ripped her kennie wide open!
by ronnie3091 February 08, 2010

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The name for the outer wall of the vagina which sometimes is mistaken for an ear.
John: WTF!! She has 2 ears growing out of her crotch!
Billy: LOL, you schmuck,those are virgin ears.

Trekky fan: doctor,is there anyway to stop my virgin ears from hanging down so much,id like to turn them into Mr. Spock ears
by ronnie3091 March 20, 2010

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