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A great feeling. Happy. No more shit for two days.
tomorrow is friday
by rocket queen February 21, 2004

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Former bassist of Guns n' Roses and current bassist for velvet revolver.
He used to look cute but now his faces looks kind of bashed up. He is married and has two daughters. Like alot of rockstars, his wife looks similar to him; blonde, tall, and a bashed up face. He is a nice person, the only gunner to be nice to Kurt Cobain. He and Kurt met on the aeroplane and started to have a nice convo, at the end of the ride, Duff offered cobain a ride to his destination but when he turned around, he was gone and the next thing he new was that he had killed himself.
Duff "Rose" McKagan
by Rocket Queen April 09, 2004

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What you would say to girl/or guy that you like n they like you too, but you don't want to go out with them because they like rap music n you like rock music.
with your bitch slap rappin' n your cocain tongue you get nothing done.
by Rocket Queen March 04, 2004

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how the english say "knob head".
Liam: I'm in to it, me.
Noel: No your not, you Nob ed
by rocket queen April 09, 2004

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