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The correct spelling of chav. 'Chav' is the bastardised variation of charv, which is both in correct and stupid sounding. The word charv (short for charver, i mean come on, how can 'chav' be short for chaRver?! Some idiots on this website have defined the word 'chav' but have also made refrence to the word 'chaRver'. Don't they notice their stupid term isn't even a shortened version of the correct fucking word?!) originated from the birth place of charv culture; Newcaslte, UK. Charv culture then spread across the nation and the idiots in the south (ie, the media) started picking up on the North East's word but for some idiotic reason missed out the 'R'. Anyone who calls a charv a chav should be shot.
Radio 1 DJ : "My car was broken into by a chav the other day!"

Everyone in Newcastle listening to the show : "ITS CHARV YOU STUPID FUCK!!"
by rockdave September 18, 2005
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