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A ratlike, useless, nepotistic, socialite who is famous for her famous dad, and it's not even her real dad. Often admired because she isn't Paris Hilton. Famous for doing drugs and being dangerously underweight. Money is the only thing that defines her. She hires a stylist to dress her up, so she has no style to call her own. She uses her undeserved fame to have her elementarily-written "novel" get published within the course of a year. She is the poster child for anorexia/drug abuse and is a bad role model for girls who check out her magazine articles. The only thing Nicole Richie needs to grab attention, especially the paparazzi, is to be extremely skinny. Other than exist, she contributes nothing to society. Her uselessness makes her other useless buddy, actress Lindsay Lohan, seem like a humanitarian.
Nicole Richie needs to gain ten pounds.
Nicole Richie needs to go away.
Nicole Richie is my ~thinspiration~
I think Nicole Richie hates her body to make herself lose that much weight. She needs to be put out of her misery to truly be happy.
by rmnp January 12, 2006

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A singer who does not have real singing abilities. The epitome of a manufactured item.
Hilary Duff's voice is enhanced by computers and is idolized by little 12-year-olds. Anyone older than 12 and likes her is deemed a retard.
by rmnp December 30, 2005

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