1.)Thin + Inspiration.

a.)A person's thinspiration is usually an Image or Photograph, but can be many other things like: Lyrics, Poems, Quotes, Sayings, etc..

b.)An inspiration to stay thin.
"Kate Moss is my thinspiration"
by Thinspirationz February 20, 2005
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something that mostly anorexics and bulimics use. Is usually in the form of a picture in which ana and mia people look to to gain inspiration to continue starving themselves in order to reach an ideal that they will never be able to get to.
common thinspirations:
nicole richie, olsen twins, kate moss, supermodels in general, hilary duff, kate bosworth
i got new pictures for my thinspiration wall!
by .poe. July 22, 2006
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To become inspired to be thin; usually by Lindsay Lohan and/or, but not limited to the Olsen Twins, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, or those girls from the OC.
After Monica saw those rib cages on the cover of Us Weekly, she was thinspired to go on Atkins (which btw, doesn't work).
by Mattkins August 6, 2005
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The inspiration people have to become skinny usually archives of skinny sometimes emaciated people.
by Izzy E July 30, 2004
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An anorexic's version of 'inspiration'. They gain inspiration to be as thin as certain celebrities by looking at their pictures and videos. Some make slideshow videos of thin girls such as Nicole Richie, Nicky Grahame, Lexi Lush, Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley etc..and put the videos on YouTube. Some make 'thinspiration walls' which are noticeboards with photos of thin girls pinned up.
by Ms.Thrift August 31, 2009
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An image (picture, person, video, etc) that gives you inspiration to start working out and eating better so you can get skinnier
Tara has a picture of Gisele in a bikini taped to her mirror. She says its her thinspiration to get to the gym every morning.
by R-Dub11 February 4, 2010
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To be motivated by someones slim/slender apperance, coming from the word inspired.
When I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show, I was thinspired by all the models.
by hernasar130139 June 22, 2009
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