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The worst neighborhood in Vancouver unquestionably. Starts from about Clark St. until Main St (where it turns into West Hastings, a decent business area), the northern border of Chinatown and just south of the port. An uncomfortable place to be anytime where it's unusual to not see someone doing hard drugs on the sidewalk or stumbling around in cloth that doesn't qualify as clothes.
A main route from the tri-city suburbs and nothern Burnaby into the downtown core.
Let's go give out blankets on East Hastings.
by rmb1 January 23, 2006

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Port Coquitlam, (a suburb of Vancouver), specifically the part south of the tracks, where it is mainly lower-middle class families. Recognized for being the most multicultural area in the northeast sector and a rougher 'hood, unlike the surrounding upper-middle and high class areas.
"My car got broken into at Canadian Tire - the one in PoCompton."
by RMB1 April 05, 2006

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Pronounced: (ga.ye'go)

What people from Spain are called by Central and South Americans; can be derogative like "Yankee."
"Look at this gallego - he doesn't even know what a peso is."
by rmb1 January 23, 2006

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