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A.S.S a.k.a After Shit Syndrome occers after a bad case of the diareha. It is mostly recognized as a horrible burning feeling in the ass.
Damn, I've got a bad case of A.S.S
by Rib Meister April 01, 2004
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one that shows such attributes that the only way to describe this person is to combine two of the most hanus words to describe parts of your body. So the short, chubby, "choad" like deminor and actions of those with such description combined with the dick like traits of the common asshole give you then ill-favored ass choad
your best friend stole your last peice of prized cheese cake. used in context "What that hell you eat my cheese cake for, ass choad"
by rib meister March 13, 2004
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One who deceitfully puts out information regaurding games (i.e. assassin) or events that can give someone false hopes.
Ken Keefe
by Rib Meister April 01, 2004
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