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Someone who pulls numbers out of thin air, or makes up things involving numbers
Steve decided to become a mathamagician when he decided to write down that he sold 500 toasters when he had only sold five.
by rentaninja November 24, 2010
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when someone happens to fall in love with a girl who had been before perceived as a nerd. usually ends in the singing of a song.
Boy 1: That girl is such a nerd.
Boy 2: No she's not, she's really cool.
Boy 1: Oh, no.
Boy 2: What?
Boy 1: You must have Granger Danger
Boy 2: I think I feel a song coming on.
by rentaninja October 06, 2010
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you get too slaphappy after
a) you have had too much mountain dew
b) you have been at a sleepover and it's really late
c) you have been on the phone for way too long
everything becomes funny, even if it isn't.
other forms of phone drunkenness include:
phone wasted
phone hungover
phone buzzed
a) After chugging 4 mountain dews Tom thought his karaoke singing was the best in the world. Everyone could tell he was a little phone drunk.
b) It was 1 o'clock in the morning and when Chelsea laughed at the dog eating chocolate, we all thought she was phone drunk.
c) After an hour on the phone Sandra and Lily were laughing at the oddest things. They were a bit too phone drunk.
by rentaninja October 08, 2010
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a. when two or more of your friends (or even strangers) are talking, and you come up between them and insert yourself in the conversation
b. when you are in a conversation and say something really awkward and the conversation stops because you can't say anything else
a. "Did you see how Jenny just came up and started talking to us? She's such a conversation wedge."
b. Person A: "Yeah so I was at my dad's girlfriend's place, and all I could notice was how she left her clothes everywhere!"
Person B: "I love smelling underwear."
Person A: "That's awkward. Why do you always have to create a conversation wedge?"
by rentaninja May 12, 2011
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when you say something rude, mean, or insulting, but try to cover it up by coughing loudly
When Chelsey said her dad was letting her get a pony just because she asked once, Ellen cough thought "daddy's girl".
by rentaninja December 18, 2010
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