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superior. the best anyone could have. ideal,perfect.
you are reece
by reece May 31, 2004

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hey kamille your hot!!!!!!
by reece August 12, 2003

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you fuck a person on a cart thing and u have 2 fuck so hard that the cart moves
god were going 50mph
by reece February 20, 2003

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another word for a crusty ringhole or mankey brown smeg
as in go suck clincus u crusty clit licking nob knawing asshole fag bitch
by Reece November 04, 2004

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something so manly sweet rad, its sweetical
"Dude, thats effing Sweetical
by Reece September 12, 2003

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He is a monster, he attacks little boys and places there hearts in jars and keeps the jars in his attic till he is aged 61, then he will crawl out of his tunnel grab the jar and eat the heart. Keep your children locked up for he is coming...
"Arrrggghhh, My leg!"
by Reece March 24, 2005

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from the ancient chinese times this means the state of total awareness
i am full of oonaggie
by reece February 15, 2005

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