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Straight Narcissistic Artist Guy(s)
- Guys who make of point of mentioning their art installation every chance they get, often with the intention of hitting on women.
- Generally hard to tell if they are gay or straight, Similar to (Sensitive New-Age Guy)
- Present themselves as thoughtful, creative and sensitive, but are eager to sleep with any woman that is within ear shot of their arrogant tone
- Environment/social/cultural causes are to a Snag what dance clubs are to a hustler.
- Will often not laugh at a joke made by other males in the presence of a female, in fear that he will appear inferior.
"I'm not going to go to a party where a bunch of snags are going to hit on me"

"that show is going to be full of a bunch of snags"
"You know, that snag who always orders the soy chai latte."
"That dude is a total snag, you can do better"
by real mackoy February 17, 2010
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The layers of tissue contained within the vagina. This includes the labia, both inner and outer, clitoris, and the ducts that lubricate when sexual arousal begins.

How some gay men may describe a vagina.
"Eew, I hate the idea of those flaps and panels"

"I would never put my dick in so many... flaps and.... panels!"

"women, with all your flaps and panels"
by real mackoy February 17, 2010
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