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A person who has high social status at the techno club Berghain is often self-proclaimed. The person in question knows "everyone", dance at the front left, lives in Berlin and gets to go to the front of the queue. For every 500 people there are usually 1-2 Queen of berghains
Sammanta is very happy as she finally can call herself queen of berghains after attending to the last five BH closings.
by readymade08 January 1, 2022
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Corona-Boyfriend (CBF) is a partner that has the purpose to eliminate loneliness during the corona pandemic crisis. Many governments around the world have introduced temporary laws of self-isolations, making it by law possible to only meet your partner. CBF is a mutual and temporary relationship during the corona crises and is characterized by lowered standards between the choices of partner.
Ben is lucky as he got himself a CBF before the total shut down of the city.
by readymade08 March 22, 2020
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CQB (Corona Quarantine Body), when you because of self-isolation gets fat and stop looking like your profile pictures on dating apps.
Jennifer is in the risk group of getting a CQB as she loves Ben & Jerry and have a netflix account during the corona quarantine.
by readymade08 March 31, 2020
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