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When you stay up late surfing the internet, a combination of inet (short for internet) and insomnia
Dude, you nearly fell asleep in class today!
Yeah, I had a bad case of inetsomnia last night..
by random_NN June 29, 2011

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Like "get a room", this phrase is used when two people are obviously flirting on facebook, using comments or wall posts so that everyone can see all they write.
Person A and B have written 36 comments back and forth on some post

Person C: "Get a chat guys!"
by random_NN June 20, 2011

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When an IM conversation stops not because one of the people has to go, but because one of the people doesn't write back anymore.
A: Hey, how's it going with Sarah?
B: I have a bad feeling, we just had our first IM droppout today..
by random_NN April 13, 2011

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