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An extreme leftist, throwing aside logic for political
convenience. A caller to the Howie Carr radio show summed
it up as "These people wear winter clothes in the summer".
Characterized by men in ponytails, sandals with socks,
and 1.20.09 Bush's Last Day bumperstickers. Often seen
at global warming marches that take place during snowstorms.
The moonbats were out in full force at the anti-war rally.
by raccoonradio September 28, 2007
Talk radio network and syndicator appealing to "progressives"
aka liberals. When founded in 2004, it was said it would
spread to about 600 radio stations (like Rush Limbaugh) but for the most part it has failed. Reasons include weak signals,
the inability to feature local hosts, strident hosts who
favor a political agenda over entertaining talk, and an anti- big business attitude that drives away advertisers. Some feel it shoots for the far left and drives away moderates or conservatives.

Many Air America stations have changed to more profitable
formats such as sports. Several petition drives have
attempted to resurrect the format in cities such as Boston,
Akron, New Haven, Dallas, and Sacramento. The only successful effort so far was a Madison station that
decided against switching to sports.

Some feel the Fairness Doctrine should be brought back
to help liberal talk radio, but this is basically a gutting of freedom of the press. Conservatives feel talk radio
should succeed on demand, talent, and the free market
rather than through government force.
Boston lost its two Air America stations due to low ratings
and low ad billing, which is shocking given the predominance
of liberals and Democrats in the area.
by raccoonradio September 28, 2007