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The American version of the great Russian Rakyohnovich.
Ancestors include Rakeyohnowski, Rakeyohno, Rakeyohnnivus and King Yohn MCMLXXXVI.
by r2a7 March 01, 2004
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He walked down the bright street toward the vendor. In a soft voice, uttered: "one please." When asked if he wanted sauerkraut on it, Yoda politely declined. He liked his hot dogs with nothing but a small amount of ketchup and a liberal amount of mustard. As the vendor squirted the bright yellow sause on the frank, Yoda's eyes gleamed with anticipation. He could taste the juiciness of the weiner, the fresh taste of the bun together with the crisp taste of fresh mustard. He paid the vendor, this time not bothering to count the change as he would have were he not delerious with hunger and anticipation. That first bite was a sensory orgasm: exactly how he imagined it would be, but somehow, the experience was multiplied exponentionally. Inhaling the fresh air to further savor and enhance the taste of it, Yoda imagined his hunger was making this moment the paradise that it was. He was half sorrowful, in knowing that it was unlikely that such a sense of anticipation and decadance would occur again within his lifetime.
As he chewed slowly and silently, he began to wonder if this one hot dog would be enough to satisfy his desirous appetite. Looking at the remnants of the hot dog, minus one surreptitious bite, he wondered if the sense of hunger that was so rampant just a few seconds ago would be relinquished by just this one hot dog. As he contemplated this dilemma, he half-wondered if the change that was now in his pocket would be enough to sustain another purchase. Reaching into the pocket and scooping up what heavy coins he could feel inside, he pulled out a few nickels, two dimes, and a lonely quarter. It seemed like
by r2a7 May 22, 2004
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