8 definitions by quinnuuhyg

If you play this game you've already sold your sole to play it, it's a motivated male kinda game
I love DESTINY 2
by quinnuuhyg September 29, 2022
go to www.scam.com to claim free robux!!!!
Person 1 want Free robux!!!

person 2 yes!!!!
by quinnuuhyg June 20, 2022
A distance 10,000,000 times bigger than your average mile
Dam that's a Giga-mile
by quinnuuhyg June 2, 2022
He's the Motivated male
by quinnuuhyg September 29, 2022
cool and not EMO probaly shouldnt be aloud to talk to kids p.s likes sniffing people
hi im Quinn H
by quinnuuhyg April 22, 2022
No, just no using this word, it is illegal
Person 1: hi baby girl(;

Person 2: iniciate launch code 69420
by quinnuuhyg May 28, 2022