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Something watered down compared to the alternative, from the practice of adding boiling water to normally brewed tea to create a drink with less flavor and/or caffeine.
His proposal for reducing the deficit is rather weak tea.
by quill January 22, 2013
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The manuver in which one turns a bad situation around - usually in regards to a relationship going downhill. "Bravo" on the congratulations you will get when you coerce your loved one back into your arms, and 360 for the situation reversal.
I think my girl's going to dump me, I'd better pull a Bravo 360 fast!
by Quill September 01, 2004
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Word used for describing an ecspecially large girl, coming from the name of the whale Keiko.
Woah look at lindsay, what a keiko.
by Quill October 22, 2004
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