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To become so caught up in the small details that you're unable to step back see what is going on or what will happen. Our take of reality gets bent as we are too involved.

Like when person is so focused on finding an error in day a book, that they didn't take the time to enjoy it for what it was; a story.

Another would be say a brother or siser begs you to hide them, acts nervous (you ignore this) They look out windows (you ignore this too) as you just want to catch up. They ask you to hide a knife .... a bloody knife ..

The trees fall away yet?
"Can't see the forest for the trees", Dan said.
by quietriver September 29, 2016
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Feeling amazed is a (usually) pleasant mind blowing shock where the brain cannot deal with what just happened and you stand there trying to absorb it all.
She couldn't believe that this slow and shuddering child had carved out a marble statue of a rose on his own, she was amazed.
by quietriver December 30, 2016
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