17 definition by queen_azure

Original definition; A person who is actually a bully that hides behind social justice to attack people. In recent years the term has come to mean anyone who;

1. Acknowledges that there is a rape culture

2. Doesn't believe that transgender people are mentally ill

3. Recognizes that white privilege exists

4. Admits that feminism is beneficial to society

In other words, the term has lost all meaning.
If telling someone that they shouldn't use autistic as an insult makes me a social justice warrior, I'll gladly own that label.
by queen_azure April 11, 2017

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A misspelling of butt sex favored by 13 year old boys. Often used as an insult in online flame wars.
ZOMG! ne body who lykez p0p m00sic has teh buttsecks!
by queen_azure February 18, 2008

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1. Britspeak for cigarettes

2. A derisive term for homosexual males
Ello mate! Could you spare a fag?
by queen_azure February 13, 2008

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