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A scrotum munch is where two gay guys 69 and suck each others scrotums. And then they jack off in a cup and drink the others semen.


The scrotum munch is only for really hardcore sex-addicts. Only do it if you have had sex at least 100 times. If you are a transvestite, do NOT try this. You don't want to rip your plastic sacks.
ex1: hey, I know a kid and he said that he was a scrotum muncher.

ex2: hey Jay, wanna munch?
by pwnerofall June 23, 2009
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Teste Tuesday are where every tuesday, men from ages 12 to 80 rub their dicksacks to see it they have any cancer lumps. It is extremely faggit. I would rather get cancer.
man 1: hey man ill check your teste tuesday if you check mine

man 2: sure man, ill even check with my mouth!
by pwnerofall June 23, 2009
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1.A phone number you can call if you need to know anything about your body, sex, pregnancy, STD's and birth control. You get to talk to real nurses from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. The number is 1-800-SEXSENSE.

2.It is also the best hotline to pull phone pranks on (but that's immature).
ex1: Hey babe, lets call SexSense to find places with free condoms so i don't get your Herpes!

ex2: Hey Joe, let's prank call SexSense!
by pwnerofall June 24, 2009
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