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a current president of russia. many russians like him, cause they can't understand his real policies! his kinda mean coward! also he says that russia is a great empire, but russia sucks nowadays and that's the true! also he is a racist, because during his governing the level of racism in russia is growing rapidly, but putin says he doesn't comsider it to be racism! he wants to rule till his death, despite of the fact it's his second and the last term of governing judging by the russian constitution, but please do not vote for him! even G.W. Bush is better!
who is mr. putin?
russian president and the real dumbass!
by putin hater July 01, 2006
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Cherepovets is the biggest and the coolest city in Vologda Oblast, Russia. Strategically located in the cross-roads of major Volga-Baltic waterway, West-East railroads, and gas pipelines, and between two Russian federal cities—Moscow and St. Petersburg, Cherepovets is considered the ideal place for the natural resource-consuming industries. The city is home to Severstal, one of the largest iron-and-steel plants in Russia, as well as some other large factories. Also there is a great hockey team--Severstal Cherepovets! Famous hockey player Dmitrii Yushkevitch (former Ample Leafs player) was born in Cherepovets! Come and see--Cherepovets is the best city in Russia!!!

in the school:
kids remember--Cherepovets is the best city in Russia!
Yeahh teacher!!!
by putin hater July 01, 2006
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UFA-is a city in Russia with the hell bad hockey team! The most shitty team in the world! The best is Severstal Cherepovets!
What's ufa? Never mind--it's the hell damn city with a shitty hockey!
by putin hater July 11, 2006
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