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The hat in Roblox (Gaming Platform) That haunts us in our sleep. This hat is easy to get and it's quite horrific. It's a part of the "Trollge" jokes and the B standing for the dead meme "Bruh" Resulting in something like "Bruh-Ollge (Brollge)"
It's made by a pretty popular hat creator that creates other disturbing hats. You can find it yourself. These items are usually worn by trollers that usually joke around and annoy people in-game.
Person 1: Hey bro let's hop on Roblox.
Person 2: Sure.
Person 1: Ayo what the hell is that.
Person 2: I don't know.
Person 1: Brollge?
Person 2: Definitely.
Person 1: Creepy.
by purroids May 24, 2021
Brollge, the item in Roblox (Gaming Platform) that terrorizes us when we sleep. Whoever owns this item in Roblox is usually a troller.
Hey man you see that guy with the Brollge hat on
He looks fucking scary I think we should leave him alone.
Yeah your probably right. Let's get the hell out of here.
by purroids May 24, 2021
Many people say that "shize" can mean shit but it is also a horrifying made up company in the game Only Cans which is a weird soda version of the adult web "Only fans" and it depicts a person spraying cans as they moan awkwardly while you do it. If you do it correctly a liquid spills out of the cans and you unlock the next skin. The last unlockable item is horrifying and should never be spoken of in real time.
Person 1: Hey bro what's Only Cans Shize?
Person 2: Why'd you have to remind me.
Person 1: Well what is it?
Person 2: It's from this weird-ass game called Only Cans you can download it on steam although I wouldn't recommend it.
Person 1: That sounds shady man.
Person 2: I don't wanna go in-depth but it's pretty weird.
by purroids May 24, 2021
Sausage Water is when you take a cooked or un-cooked sausage and place it in cold water, leaving it for an hour or so. After about an hour the water turns a pastel fogged shade of orange that is the pigment of a sausage. This quite frankly tastes disgusting and is usually used for memes.
Person 1: Hey bro I'm gonna stick a sausage in water and make some sausage water
Person 2: Why? It tastes horrible and it's disgusting!
Person 1: For the memes man I just wanna see it in action
Person 2: Why were you ever my friend.
by purroids May 24, 2021
This is my username. I made this specifically for me and why the hell are you here. This is also my username for many other things so that could be why. Seriously why are you here.
purroids: Go away.
by purroids May 24, 2021
My weird ass character I made in a word generator.
by purroids May 24, 2021