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A code word for hard alcohol, typically used in a college setting
Are we studying Saturday night?

I was studying so much this weekend I can't even remember what happened.
by psycho3991 March 26, 2013
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An Alisha is a word you use to describe someone who is the slutbag of your college campus. She will do anything she can to sleep with the entire football team. Her preference is African-American men although will accept anything willing to get in her pants. Beware of Alisha's, they are sneaky little bitches. They are extremely good at pretending like they are your best friend, and then stealing your exes. A good repellant to Alisha's are to tell them exactly what you feel, and then they will become offended and stay away.
"That girl has turned into such an Alisha!"
by psycho3991 January 01, 2013
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