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When someone's words or actions defy logic or normal behavior, particularly during the winter months. Odd or peculiar actions taking place everywhere at once.
M: Everyone's IQ's must have dropped off a cliff. I saw people fighting over stupid stuff. Then the riots started and no one knew what or why they happened. People were just went out of control so I left.

G: A real sane freeze, huh?

M: Becky called me up at 4am the other night and just started rambling on like an idiot worried about everything. I told her to sleep it off.

G: She's been acting strange to everyone. I think she has sane freeze lately. I can't hang out with her.
by pseudopun January 26, 2012
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Packing a double pun into a sentence, etc., or too much of a pun.
Sometimes this is done unconsciously. It may be a real groaner or sharp tongue-in-cheek. Depends on one's alcohol level, intelligence, or caffeine buzz.
Mike's always coming up with double plays. He's so repundant. He gave us a couple of things he saw the other day: Johnson Road Cathouse and Womens View Gynecology.
by pseudopun March 17, 2011
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When a guy is talking tough but you know he wouldn't even start something.
Pete started talking tough on how if he saw Jake he would drop him. Except that he kept swaggering away IN THE OTHER DIRECTION, with the biggest yellow balls between his legs.
by Pseudopun June 11, 2013
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