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woman that goes out and is always accompanying gay men
sarah is a faghag, always with the gays.
by pokka November 12, 2007
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predatory homosexual
theres a prouncer in the bushes, or that bloke looks like a prouncer
by pokka August 22, 2011
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a man that tries to look at your penis while you are stood at the public toilet urinal
stop looking at my dick you cock hawk
by pokka November 02, 2011
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somthing that cant be identified. something that is that crap, u dont even know what it is, its probably the shittest thing u will ever have seen
a dung beetle flying off a massive turd in the pitch egg, then flying across the moonlight with shit dripping off its legs,and crap hanging off its dick and shitt oozing out of its arser
making a sound like a crorking wind seeping imploding rikker. that would be summat similar to a krork
by pokka December 14, 2012
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