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Invitation for a booty call or sexting. Usually received as a text message.
Billy, in a text: Hey. You up?
Sandy, in a text: Yes.
Billy, in a text: Wanna come over?
by pnwtease June 04, 2014

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A way to get someone's attention, verbally. Comes from Twitter's and Facebook's use of the @ symbol to identify a user or friend. Can be used instead of, or in conjunction with 'hey.'
In a group setting.
Joe: Hey, at Sheila, how was the exam today?
Sheila: Aced it!
by pnwtease October 18, 2011

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When a group of people rush to the bathroom at the same time during an event. An example can be during halftime of a sporting event, especially the Super Bowl. Another example is the mass use of bathrooms right after lunch hour in offices.
Fan1: Aren't you going to the bathroom? It's halftime.
Fan2: Nah, I'll wait until after the rush to flush.
by pnwtease December 06, 2013

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