118 definitions by playdohman

1. the fat mexicans who eats a load of tacos at taco bell and throws up behind the dumpster of el cerro grande
2. the skinny dirty mexican, well self explanatory
i saw both kinds of mexicans at the welfare office on dorritos day
by PlayDohMan March 02, 2005
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where a gangbanger tells all his whores to line up in a line no need to tell the rest he is a gangbannger
they form a long line and then he when by and they all left
by PlayDohMan July 22, 2004
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a new way to say boy instead of saying it the normal boring way
old fart down the street: those damn man-children came and graffitied my whole fence!
by PlayDohMan July 03, 2004
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The clothing store for gays. Only gay people shop here because they are attracted by the store's gay songs and commercials.
Old Navy has to be the gayest store ever devised.
by PlayDohMan June 05, 2005
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the absolutely most retarded show nickeleodeon ever put on their shitty network. ok first how in the hell would there be a teenage robot?? second the only people that watch this abomination and atrocity against humanity that makes you actually dumber for watching, are insecure pregnant teenagers that smoke pot and end having retarded mutant babies that are addicted to crack.
nickeleodeon got sued by the U.N. for committing crimes against humanity by putting my life as a teenage robot on the air
by PlayDohMan October 18, 2004
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harry potter is the most retarded book series. it is pretty much lord of the rings without the group of people and just one nerd who does magic and goes on "adventures". he is just trying to get laid
when nazis burn books its bad, when harry potter does it its family fun!
by PlayDohMan July 03, 2004
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