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1.A technique used by women to try and repair broken men. Foundation: ego stroking. Followed with gratuitus ego stroking and more ego stroking. Amounts to covering cosmetic imperfections.2. Also used as slang when one needs to give up men for a period of time (say at least 28 days).
Example 1: "I spent 6 months manhabbing him and he left me for someone else." Also known as a Short Sale.

Example 2: "I'm exhausted from dating, I think I need manhab."

Example 3: "Honey, he's never going to change.....if you can't see that now, we may have to do an intervention and send you to manhab."
by pinupmom December 21, 2009
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A person (male or female) whose fellatio or cunnilingous skills are so profound that you feel the heavens move. Normally verbalized by "Oh God, yeeeeeess"
"He was an oralcle in bed. I swear I heard angels singing"
by pinupmom February 03, 2010
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