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To keep it quiet, a secret, low profile,
hey man just keep this shit on the down low aight, i dont want mah gurl findin' out
by pimpette October 11, 2003

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a sex toy that varies in size, shape, and color that can be used by the female to pleasure herself when she cannot get it from a person.
My dildo is hot pink and has 3 different settings!
by pimpette January 11, 2005

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A fine lookin g algerian man who claims he gets a lot more booty than he could ever dream about. He also fails to know how to use the English language
"Yo man is that an Amine?"
"Ya man, I mean he is surrounded by some dutty ass girls"
by PImpette December 03, 2003

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mad ass pimp
"yo did u see him with like 10 girls beggin to suck his cock? that man is such a zwei"
by pimpette April 03, 2004

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