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Play on of LL Cool J's famous hit "Momma said knock you out". Derived by a boy and his father in Rochester NY, who saw and angry black man walking with a bag. Can be used as a catchphrase before fucking someone up.
Person 1: What you gonna do?
Person 2: Momma said fuck you up!
Person 1: Oh shazbot!
Person 2 proceeds to fuck up Person 1 and take his shit
by pie_fucker November 09, 2009

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Real grillz. Not fake aluminum pieces of shit darkies wear
Sarah decided she didn't want messed up teeth like some inbred, so she got braces AKA real grillz
by pie_fucker October 31, 2009

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Also known as Hui, Black Shorts is a surfing term referring to Hawaiian bad-asses who wear black board shorts.
Don't mess with Black Shorts AKA The Hui.
by pie_fucker November 15, 2009

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Lick me all over. Created by Peaches.
Guy: lmao
Girl: NO!!!!
Guy: Plz?
Girl: kk
Guy: JESSS!!!
by pie_fucker November 16, 2009

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