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We people from Philadelphia call it Philly and we love cheesesteaks, soft pretzels,hoagies(not subs), tastykakes, and the first day of spring because Ritas give out free wooder ice. The EAGLES are the best even if they are'nt, the Phillies games are a family tradition, and Wawas are on every corner. We know you only go to Jersey for the tweeter center, cherry hill mall and the shore (yes the shore not the beach!). We hate everyone and we don't care if they know. Anyone who says the Eagles suck is in for a world of pain by some of the toughest sports fans who will also shed tears if the Eagles don't make it to the superbowl again! We have a great sense of pride and loyalty and we make some of the best friends you will ever have. Thats why I love Philly.
I'm from Philadelphia and you're not so therefore you suck!
by philadelphian March 07, 2006

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Ahh New Jersey aka- Jersey, and the arm pit of america. Jersey stinks no doublt about it, and the only reason why people from Jersey say it dosen't, is because they are used to it. Jersey sucks and they know it they are just jealous of eveyone else. The only good things about Jersey is the shore, the tweeter center and mabey some of thier malls but i have King of Prussia so i don't care. The drivers suck and somehow the migrate to PA to piss us off. Sure there are lots of rich people in jersey, but they are mostly in north jersey and it's because they work in New York. Plus the dumbest laws! Lazy asses can't even pump their own gas! And anyone who thinks there are more flyers fans in jersey is sadly mistaken and should take my advice and never say that aloud in Philly.
A: Ewww... what's that smell?
B: We're in Jersey
A: ohh......why are we in New Jersey?
by philadelphian March 07, 2006

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