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The most destructive move in four square... the person with the ball walks over to the other square with the ball in hand and bounces it as hard as possible. In order to keep the game going, the next person must catch the ball before it hits the ground.

Can only be done when ¨cherry bombs!¨ is called by the server.
-yo dawwwwg, that nigga in square three just got his shit shot by that hyphy cherry bomb

-for real, bra.
by phil.com July 22, 2006

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When an undercover cop approaches a low level drug dealer on the street and asks to buy drugs. The dealer is arrested when he produces drugs for the cop.

The defense of entrapment does not work -- if the drug dealer was not coerced into selling the drugs than he/she is legally guilty.
-yo dawwwg, can a brotha get some crack?

-Sure homey, 10 bucks, two rocks.

-NIGGA YOU BUSTED BY THE BUY BUST!!!!! aww shit, get yo black ass down to the precinct: 36 months in the slammah, bitch! Did you know that for committing the same crime in Seattle, a black man is 2200% more likely to get arrested than a white man?
by phil.com August 30, 2006

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A slang term for a cigarette, most often used by someone who has just smoked pot and wants a cigarette to magnify their high.
-"yo dawwwwg, I know you're tryna hook a brotha up with a ciggy bone"
by Phil.com June 04, 2006

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