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An Avacalmon is part avacado, part salmon.
Mortal enemy of the Kiwatfish.
Very tasy with wasabi, or in sushi.

See also: Kiwatfish, Troutkin, Asperring.
We were in a japanese restaurant last night, and ordered Avacalmon sushi.
It was the best!
by person yo-yo April 30, 2004
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Part asparagus, part herring.
Mortal enemy of the Troutkin.
Tastes horrible! Never try it!

See also:Troutkin, Kiwatfish, Avacalmon.
At our annual B.B.Q., we had some asperring. It was terrible!
Troutkin is way better!
by person yo-yo April 29, 2004
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Horrible, very bad.
It's tragic that the president of the U.S. is an ape.
by person yo-yo July 15, 2003
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You're on one right now.
Melting your brain.
So am I.
Let's play legend of dragoon.
by person yo-yo July 15, 2003
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The word 'yo' can be added to almost any sentence to add style. It can also mean 'hello'.
What's the delio, yo?

Yo! What-up?
by person yo-yo December 19, 2003
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The first attack you get in "the legend of dragoon".
Double slash!!!
by person yo-yo July 17, 2003
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the greatest magic card in the world.
i play verdant force.
you die!!!
by person yo-yo April 19, 2003
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