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loud, obnoxious motherfuckers.
There are some loud obnoxious motherfuckers at movie theaters.
by Person (: August 29, 2010

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Otitis externa (AKA 'swimmer's ear') is an inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal. The symptom is PAINNN |:
"Mike has otitis externa. He tried using earplugs but they broke in half."
by Person (: August 30, 2009

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A hella cool song from the awesome punk band, The Offspring.
Has one of the coolest bass grooves you'll ever hear.

Full title: Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
Billy: "Hey, you know that song Come Out and Playby The Offspring!?"
Bob: "Hell yeah, of course!"
by Person (: August 21, 2010

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Basically calling someone ugly.
Dude: "Look at that guy.."
Man: "He has a face only a mother could love."
by Person (: August 17, 2010

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