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Jillen is slang for someone that's lame and cool at the same time.
Person A: Yo, what are you doing tonight?
Person B: Not much, I'm just chillin like Jillen
by Azniac December 13, 2012
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Hisses at the everyone when they walk by. Dresses like Dorothy from the golden girls, plus side her snatch probably smells like cheesecake. Stabbed herself in the eye with her own chin once. Wears natural deodorant made From the taint sweat of Tibetan monks mixed with quinoa, possibly a vegan. forehead is so oily that ya can’t even drown the bitch! Loves flamingos.
Tod: hey did u see that new chick we hired on the 4th floor what’s her story?
Chad: yea! I was walking past as she bent over and I had the sudden urge to throw canned cherrys on her ass!

Tod: must be a jillen bro
by Perogi February 06, 2019
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