3 definitions by perkiset

First Time Mac User. Was common when the computer originally came to popularity, defining people that used every effect (bold, drop shadow, outlining etc) concurrently on everything they did.
"Good lord! Look at that logo, it's hideous! What's with that?"

by perkiset March 2, 2010
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Criticism of another's position with ridiculous, farcical or stupid arguments, baseless pseudo-facts or fallacy ridden assertions. Typically political, but can also extend to discussion about Apple and even religion.
Your last post is nothing but stupidicism. Try confirming your facts before posting again.
by perkiset October 17, 2011
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When a liquid you're drinking is spontaneously laughed up and out your nose.
That comic was so funny I upnosed my Pepsi.
by perkiset June 29, 2010
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