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Stephenville, TX

-Heart of Erath County, the largest dairy-producing county in Texas

-Home of Tarleton State University

-Home of Ty Murray, president of the PBR and seven time all-around rodeo world champion

-Also home of Ty Murray's girlfriend, Jewel

-Featured in Jewel's song, "Stephenville, TX"

-Site of alleged UFO sightings in January 2008
"You heading through Sville this trip?"
"Yeah, there's a rodeo and Cross Canadian Ragweed concert that weekend I want to see."
by pappybake July 6, 2008
College Station, TX; home of Texas A&M University, adjacent to Bryan, TX.
"Hey, when you heading back to C Stat?"
"I'm taking second summer session, so I'll be there in July."
by pappybake July 6, 2008