Founded in 1899 by John Tarleton (and maybe even his duck Oscar P!) it's an undercover party school that's sometimes referred to as 'generic',
'bootleg', or 'little' A&M. Tarleton is big on traditions and school spirit. Located smack in the middle of Stephenville, Tx (also known as the 'Cowboy Capital of the World'); the 'country' look and lifestyle has rubbed off on a majority of the students, so be prepared to see boots and Wranglers (Tarleton is also an Ag school). Everyone is very friendly, polite, and nice, and the men will always hold the door open for a lady. Unfortunatly Tarleton has become infamous for the 'incident' with an MLK party that occured in January of 2007, but from a first hand account the students are NOT racist! Tarleton as mentioned earlier, is a true party school. Most people leave the parties drunk or completly shit face, but no worries, there's always a designated driver. Fraternities or other various student organizations are big on campus, and many people join them. The weekend starts on Thursday evening and ends at about 4 or 5 o'clock on Sunday morning. Bar nights are a way of life, and you'll meet many many amazing people. You'll get a quality education and it has some of the cheapest tuition in the state. All in all its a wonderful place to go, if you want to attend a smaller university.
(April of Senior Year)
Chelsea: I got accepted into Tarleton State University!
John: Where's that at?
Chelsea: Stephenville!
John: Ha, yeah, you have fun in the middle of nowhere!
Chelsea: Whatever!

6 months later
Chelsea: Woohoo! I'm having soo much fun out at Tarleton! How have things been for you?
John: Dude, my college is so lame! I'm so bored. Sorry for bashing Tarleton way back when!
Chelsea: It's okay!
John: So, uh, do you know the transfer requirements?
Chelsea: Oh, John! Haha!
by BrokeRich December 22, 2008
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