3 definitions by orkid68

Originally journalistic lingo, it means someone else has "dug up" a story before you did.
Laura: Hey everyone, did you hear the news? The Pope just died.

Everyone: Whoa.

Mike: Hey people, I just heard the Pope is dead.

Everyone: Scooped.
by orkid68 August 21, 2008
Subject Says All. Used in an e-mail to indicate that the subject line is actually the entire message.
SSA is convenient for short messages like "call me." Write what you need to say in the subject, and make the e-mail itself just say SSA.
by orkid68 March 15, 2008
A person who thinks everything rules.
My wife just got hit by a car, but that's okay, I'm a panarchist. You should have seen the way she flew!
by orkid68 September 17, 2007