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Simplified and modified cuisines copied from all over the world. Mostly hearty and greasy food, they are pan-fried, deep fried or baked. Seldomly steamed, and do not include other body parts from any animal besides their meats. Since fast food restaurants are so abundant in America, one could argue that American food actually implies fast food.
"I will show you what real American food is all about - super-size the fries and three patties, please."

"Despite ice-cream was invented by the Chinese, pizzas by the Italians, only Americans can make them taste so good and fattening! I love American food!"
by onion73 December 1, 2005
A popular Japanese TV cartoon show in the 70s. Still popular in Japan, with lots of licensed toys and products. Anpanman literally means "Bread Man", and yes, the hero of the show is a cute superman character whose head is a bun. He can save starving children by letting them take a bite out of his head, which is also filled with yummy red bean paste. After a day's adventure, he returns to his base, which is a pastry shop owned by an old baker, who would bake a new head for Anpanman to replaced his partly consumed head. Most of the show characters are "food" people - they have human bodies, but their heads are food with eyes and mouths, etc. Anpanman's nemesis is Bacteria Man.
Anpanman was a TV show created to educate kids in Japan about nutrients and food safety.
by onion73 December 2, 2005
A Sega Saturn 2D "shoot'em up" video game (graphics in 3D) created by a Japanese video game company called Treasure. Released in 1998 and only in Japan, it was exceptional in its gameplay, graphics and concept. Treasured by game collectors and shoot'em up fans, this game is highly sought after on different auction sites.

Game music by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

The official sequel to this game is called "Ikaruga", and is available on Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube video game systems.
If you love shoot'em up games, you must own a copy of Radiant Silvergun!
by onion73 December 1, 2005
A bunch of alien characters found in the Super Nintendo (SNES) game "Earthbound" (In Japan, the game is called "Mother"). The character is meek, pink in color, short, cute, has a big nose, only one strand of hair.

It is also featured in a GameCube fighting game called Super Smash Bros. Melee as a kicked-around object and shield.
Female Mr. Saturns all wear a ribbon.
by onion73 December 1, 2005