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the best looking girl that could possibly be alive today; the cutest girl in high school or maybe the world !!!; a good friend; an outgoing girl; a kool girl
You're a real vina, because you're always so fun to be with =].
by omega April 12, 2005

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Fallout II is a post-nuclear role playing game in which you play the part of the chosen one, the descendant of the Fallout I game, who must save his tribal village from destruction. for this, he must search fot the GECK, a holy artifact that can bring life to the wasteland. it´s a really cool game, get´s you out the dungeons and puts you in a dying and hostile wasteland filled with mutated beasts, wild-men, and there´s also a whale.
Come in Chosen One. there are things you must know...
by OMeGA August 02, 2004

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A British slang term for being crazy.
"Oy, did you see that bloody stunt car driver go up in flames? He must be sixes and sevens man!"
by Omega March 05, 2005

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One of elite status in the world of Korean music.
All kpoppers gather in the worlds best forum, kpopper.com
by OMEGA January 16, 2005

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Funny.. often used with other intentionally mispelled words...
j00 r teh funnay!
by Omega May 07, 2003

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to wear a tie and look like a complete dirtbag
your so over-dressed are you pulling a white flava on me
by omega April 06, 2003

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a god among women causing them to have violent orgasims at every touch.
"marcus yer such a pimp, your a regular rexcal"
by omega April 07, 2003

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