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1. a large objest located on the front or top of an animal. In the case of some people, it might be a small object.
2. slang for oral sex given to the male.
She gave him head.
He has a big head.
by OMEGA May 22, 2004
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One of elite status in the world of Korean music.
All kpoppers gather in the worlds best forum, kpopper.com
by OMEGA January 17, 2005
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A British slang term for being crazy.
"Oy, did you see that bloody stunt car driver go up in flames? He must be sixes and sevens man!"
by OMEGA March 6, 2005
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a god among women causing them to have violent orgasims at every touch.
"marcus yer such a pimp, your a regular rexcal"
by OMEGA April 7, 2003
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THE OWNER in gaming and leader of TEAMGOD.net
He is a GOD among mortal men in this world.
by OMEGA July 9, 2004
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the best looking girl that could possibly be alive today; the cutest girl in high school or maybe the world !!!; a good friend; an outgoing girl; a kool girl
You're a real vina, because you're always so fun to be with =.
by OMEGA April 13, 2005
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