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When someone has diagnosed their own disease by looking up the symptoms on the internet.
A: I've got brain cancer!

B: How do you know?

A: I have a headache and a lump on my foot! I looked it up on the interwebz and found out it means BRAIN CANCER!

B: Don't believe the Googledoctor, go to a real doctor.
by oldBuzzard March 28, 2010
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Term used by domestic builders describing a deliberate error left on a job to distract from a far worse yet less obvious mistakes.
Bob the builder: Sorry about that bit of paint I got on your kitchen counter, Mrs Smith. A bit of turps should get that off.

( Mrs Smith smiles and signs the cheque, failing to notice only three of the four light fittings she has paid for are in place. )

Bob has used the paint spill as a designated distraction.
by OldBuzzard March 03, 2010
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Inbred white person, usually male.

Usually from a backwater suburb or town.

Indicative of low income and low intelligence.
Who lives in the house with all the retarded kids and broken cars in the front yard?

That's just Rob. He's some six fingered banjo picker from the western suburbs.
by OldBuzzard March 06, 2010
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( AUST ) White guy who enjoys casual sex with aboriginal women
I saw Davo with that Abo chick behind the pub. Never knew he was a gin slinger
by OldBuzzard March 04, 2010
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