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A huge metropolis in Arizona with the population nearing that of the entire state of Indiana. Despite the mass amount of people, smog, sushi restaurants, HOA's, and Toyota Priuses, residents of the metropolis like to claim they live in the "Wild West", pretending because they are in Arizona they are a cowboy from a century ago. Ironically they think people in rural places such as northern Michigan or West Virginia as being freedom oppressed city slickers.
Phoenician: Welcome to Phoenix. Hope you can handle it here in the Wild West!

Transplant from non-Chicago Midwest: I'm not sure, I've never had to deal with HOA's and smog restrictions before. Where can I get some good sweet corn and a steak?

Phoenician: Not sure... but theres a good sushi place down the street, you can even carry a gun there!! Its the Wild West man.

Transplant: Ya... I could do that at home too... minus the sushi... what is this.. japan?
by ohiofarmboy November 24, 2010

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Japanese attempt at making a full size truck catering almost exclusively to men in big cities in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and California who want to be macho with a pickup truck, but will only ever use the 4-wheel drive when his subdivision road is snow covered. Tundras are very seldom seen in the midwest where trucks are needed to perform actual farm duties.
Man from Phoenix: "I got a new truck"

Man from Nebraska: "Nice! a Chevy or a Ford?"

Man from Phoenix: "A Toyota Tundra"

Man from Nebraska: "Oh I thought you said you bought a truck. Well I have to go haul a trailer of corn out of the mud and pick my son up from football"

Man from Phoenix: "Ya I have to go pick my son up from soccer and meet my boyfriend for sushi"
by ohiofarmboy May 28, 2009

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