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A pile consisting of dudes only.

A term used when four or more dudes create a hot steamy pile of male humans.

One is most likely to witness a dude pile at college party houses when alcohol is involved.
Can also be used in celebration.
I went to the 405 house last night to celebrate a clean report from my STD test. Everyone cheered and created a Dude Pile on top of me.
by ohCheese December 26, 2018
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The act of drinking liquid off another man. In a provocative manor.
Dude 1: Man, did you see Kenny drink that beer off Kyle's belly? Dude 2: Ya, that was a total Dude Luge!
by ohCheese December 21, 2018
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The act of REALLY getting into something.

Could be used to describe hard work, extreme events or actions.
The female equivalent of Balls Deep.
Person 1: Dude.. Heather is totally Vagina Lip Deep in TPS reports.
Person 2: Woah! She must be gettin' shit done!
by ohCheese December 27, 2018
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