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The word used to describe the erection an individual experiences of whom is constantly bragging about the capabilities of his I-Phone, the applications it possesses and other useless tasks it can carry out.
Kosmo: Dude, will you listen to Luca, he never shuts up talking about his I-Phone.

Kenny: I know man, that guys got a permanant I-Boner.
by obindustries1 February 3, 2010
The word used to describe an individual whose life completely and utterly revolves around their I-Phone.

This is to the extent that start sleeping in close proximity to their I-Phone for worry of what might happen to it if were to be left alone.
Kenny: Dude, what the hell is up with Luca these days, he didn't even wanna shoot hoops today?

Jose: He's been acting weird eversince he got that dam I-Phone.

Kosmo: I know dog, that guy is becoming such an I-Fag
by obindustries1 February 4, 2010
Put down; equivalent to the likes of 'He got owned' or 'She got Pwned'.

Plays on the idea that when selling something at an auction. One usually has to accept any bid, no matter how low it may be.

In other words, your being sold off for small change.
Tex: Yo dawg, did you see the Title Fight last night? The Rattler totally got his ass taken to auction!
by obindustries1 March 19, 2010
Written as 'OWNAGE'

The ultimate form of Ownage of which can only be utilized in the most serious of circumstances.

Used to describe a scenario, most likely to be in an online gaming arena, whereby an individual has had it well and truly brought upon him.

The word OWNAGE, and its close relative Ownage are two very different terms and caution must be taken in bringing out the former unless it is unanimously believed that another individual or group of individuals have genuinely been dominated.
NoobHunter: Imma cook a frag on y'all ass.

(3 Noobz get owned at once)

NoobHunter: Dammmmmmmm!!!!! OWNAGE!!! this deserves a severe teabagging.

Noob: How humiliating, NoobHunter just brought some serious upper case ownage on our ass's
by obindustries1 March 13, 2010