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obdong is someone who tries to be real about something and tries to be nice about it, but manages to piss people off by being to real. even when he is just trying to discuss something with someone, either the look on his face or the smell of your upper lip just pisses you off any way. obdong. you know him. you love him when he shuts up. obdong.
why is he being such an obdong about the cats? sure there is cat hair everywhere, and cat piss all over the carpet, and the house smells like cat shit, but why did he say something? he should just shut up and stop being such an obdong because they are MY cats, and cat shit is my life.
by obdong May 6, 2005
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a penis that is where it doesnt belong
i was at a party that i thought was a straight party, and this guy walks up to me and pulls out his wang dang doodle right in front of me! so we all beat the shit out of him and threw him out.
by obdong May 7, 2005
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