2 definitions by nxvnm

An aura of a person that is somewhat mysterious and is difficult to put your finger on...needless to say mystique is a sexy trait and will always attract others to inquire further and go deeper into that mysterious person. A beautiful trait.
Unique and out of the ordinary people whome fall out of our typical, everyday, stuck up society...are always bound to enchant you despite initial unrealistic thought. . .but knowing that deep inside, you want to know more about that person.
by nxvnm December 4, 2004
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Pure enchanting charisma. Beautiful eyes that strike a spear straight through your heart. A creature that leaves your soul seeking his mystique and asking for seconds.
Ville Valo telling stories about beautiful women while drinking his liquor and ever so endlessly breathing that smoke like pure oxygen while singing his ballads with his own grace.
by nxvnm December 4, 2004
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